Unreal Engine To Microsoft Excel

I am looking to transfer inputted data from a built unreal engine game into an excel database.

Any thoughts on this ?

Yes. Input your Values into a “Data Table” component. This can be exported/imported as CSV (or JSON!) which is great for adjusting and managing in Excel.

Or do you mean runtime data? It’s harder because dataTable can’t be altered at runtime. Think you can use the JSON Plugin or need some C++ for that

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I do mean runtime data, for example someone using a phone or tablet would be inputting data into ue4 software, and that data would update an excel spread sheet at the same time on a computer. Sounds like I need to learn about what JSON is…

hm, ok runtime is a other story. Possible would be creating a small c++ object containing a structure and a method to export as CSV! you can work quite well in excel with a csv.
the next question is how to save it somewhere the excel on the pc get the data from…there are several ways how to connect excel to this external data source.
(Network/Internet=>Database, Lokal Network maybe an CSV/XML on a netshare (XmlParser | Unreal Engine Documentation) …)

if you want to send the entered data back to a api server and save it for example in a mongo db, then i would suggest json.

i think the cleanest and easiest way is: “UE Client → Push data to MySql-DB ← Excel read Data from DB”…but you see - it strongly depends on your requirements and environment, just want to give you some ideas.

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Thanks so much for your time, I feel like you have answered my question but my knowledge holds me back from completely understanding. I am going to save this and reference it well I attempt to follow your suggested workflow. Thanks again for your help !

Try to use for ex. Victory plugin and simply save your stuff in files using strings. You can always import this files to excel after.

Can you provide some more details of your setup? Meaning you have a “backend” where one sits with a Excel wants to read in data. The Dataentry happens on Tablet - are they connected via WLAN/Internet to this “Backend”? Do you want the data “Online”/Immediate or could it sync on some time? Is there only one “Client” doing the Dataentry or do you have several Clients from which the data needs to be sorted out of Duplicates eg or entering data at the same time?
Btw, I think it is not a big deal if you know what you’re doing (as always :slight_smile: ) - maybe it is a option for you to post it detailed in the forum as a paid/unpaid Project and you find someone doing it for you?

Immediate sync would be preferable, as this software would be more used as a managers tool to keep tabs on employees and their sales orders, it would also make it so employees could notify the manager with status of orders or if issues with product occur or they need help ect. It would take place in the same warehouse and not have to be worldwide access ect. The excel spreadsheet would be based on the managers computer, well employees had IPADS with ue4 software they could use to input the data for manager to review. lol ya maybe i should put it in more detail into the forums and offer some cash. The job is yours if you want it, haha name your price.

Might as well update this for google searches - there is a plugin for Unreal to directly export various data to excel, including formatting options DirectExcel in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

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