Unreal Engine Support

I have posted in your forums a lot to get help or some idea about BP and video tutorials that I have used in the passed. The issue is lack of support for the Unreal Engine. Most of my posts never get replies. I’m left out of options.

The bigger issue is the video tutorials made by other people who don’t want to even listen to your issue and then tell you to F*** Off. And I’m paying them all so. I am a newbee and new to the Unreal Engine. It’s just in the last 2 months I learned a lot from video tutorials. It’s just they leave out too much detail and they don’t want to support what they made.

Where can I go to get real support for the unreal engine. That could help with issues that I can’t get any where where else. The lack of support for this engine sucks and I think needs to be addressed and a fix for this issue.


Iceman. I think you will get more joy if you post specific questions on this answerhub, that’s what it’s for. The forum is a place for discussion, so you’ll almost always get a vague answer with a lot of people chipping in.

I took a quick look at your post ( here ) about overwriting functions. Not bad, but if you want people to answer, it’s best if you can do most of the work for them, and have the whole thing laid out very clearly. In that example, you had a lot of your other work going on. If it’s about overwriting a function, just have a stupily simple example, which only covers the overwriting part. ( I have no idea about that BTW ).

I saw one post on here which kind of went ‘Want to write game like Fortnite, how to do?’

As you’d expect, no answers. People don’t want to do much, but they will help if it’s laid out for them.

The idea is that the video tutorials I find don’t care if you need help or not. There’s no support for them. as well as with the Unreal Engine. There has to be some way of getting support for people who just started using the unreal engine and well the support for it sucks.

I started a discord server for The unreal Engine some time ago. That it’s just been dead on there as well. We need some place that we can go to get support for the engine and for new people too. That’s the main issue I have and from what I have seen for a lot of others are all so having the same issue.

hey buddy,

have you tried the unreal slackers discord? there are plenty of helpful people in it and a section for nearly everything.

Link: https://unrealslackers.org/

if you don’t get any help there then add a specific question as @ClockworkOcean says the answerhub is pretty active and if we have enough information we will always try and help, we all had to start somewhere after all :slight_smile: