Unreal Engine Stopped Working

The engine reaches till 93% while opening the project, then shows- Unreal Engine has stopped working.

I’m using v.4.9.2

Win 7 64-bit SP1
2.5Ghz pentium processor

This happens when i open from the launcher
is there any other way to open it or what should i do to fix it.

Hello AwesomeWarrior,

This is a link to our minimum hardware requirements for running and developing for Unreal4.

Everything that you linked looks fine except for the 4GB of RAM.

This could be your issue.

Some other troubleshoots could be

1.) Uninstall and reinstall UE4.
2.) Make sure you have a fairly decent amount of space on your hard drive. I.E 20 Gigs or so in order for the Editor to Run and save to.

After testing these troubleshoots please let me know if they help. If not I believe that your the memory could be the cause of your issue.

Thanks, all i needed to do was open the editor directly the launcher isn’t working

Ok, glad you found a work around. I’m not too sure what is causing the launcher to fail but as I mentioned above there could be some issues with your current setup and what we recommend.