Unreal engine source code compile dosent work on 32 bit?

I downloaded unreal engine source code and compiled it in the right way but when i opened ue4editor.exe it shows a message “This app cant run on your pc” Im currently using win 8 32 bit

UE4 works only on 64 bit.

The editor only works in 64bit, the games you package for shipping are currently only in 32bit. Yay confusion!

This is because in a 64 bit system you don’t have the x86 3 gigabyte memory barrier. Developing with UE4 requires at-least 8 gigs of ram, which you cannot have in a 32 bit system. (you can but i don’t care to share how because its not likely you could do it with the hardware you have.)

Also, when you are shipping the 32 bit programs work on both 64 and 32 bit systems this causes less dependencies needed when packaging building / shipping. If they supported separate 64 bit compilations you’d have a far larger total engine download size and not to mention a larger packaged build because of the extra dependencies needed for x64.

^ Yup. This is also why you see some newer large-scale games shipping with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Battlefield 4 for instance.

64-bit isn’t anywhere near as widely adopted as it should be IMO :frowning: That said, I wonder if there’s anyway you can force build shipping to 64-bit if you know you’re targeting a specific platform.

To be clear, if you grab the code from GitHub we do support compiling runtime games as 64-bit as well. We just default to 32-bit in the Launcher’s version because we thought that would be more widely useful to developers who want to reach the largest audience right now. Someday we would probably drop support for 32-bit Windows targets, but there is no rush.


Quick question. Is there a way to ship a game that only supports 64-bit?

Just build the engine from github, and package for Win64 Shipping and you have a game for x64 Windows :slight_smile:

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