Unreal Engine source build takes too long

I am trying to build unreal from source build to be able to access server build but after generating the project files and set configuration to development editor and start UE project build it takes almost 6 hours and too much space on my hard up to 150 GB and after al that it gave me error invalid or corrupt file: no symbol for COMDAT section number 0x3
I am trying to build it again now
can anyone help on how to make the build success in less time ?

Build times are dependent on your current hardware. Slower drives will increase build times based read/write speed. CPU is also a factor in build times. The very first build will always be the longest. While i do not boast great hardware my build times avg 1-3 hours depending on which version i am building. As for the size of the install, this depends on what you are trying to build. RAM can also cause issues with builds. Slower ram reduces package decompression times. Some will argue, however i have tested this on systems that simply swap ram and build times fluctuate. As for the error you are receiving, unfortunately i am not familiar with it.

i figured my issue and it was because of my hard drive
it was slow so it toke too much time and i moved the project to ssd and it worked fine in just 2 hours or less i think so i want to thank you very much for ur cooperation alot

see you later, thanks neo :slight_smile: