Unreal Engine Skill/Ability System

I was just looking up some info and there appears to have been a skill / ability system in construction in 2014, yet i cant find any documentation on it? can anyone confirm if it was finish or scraped or what?

thank you, apologies if this is in the wrong section!

Back when 4.7 was the most recent version I manually enabled it. No Documentation nor Examples made trying to figure it out really fun so I determined its best to wait till more info emerges… STILL Waiting for documentation. At the rate things are going might be best to come up with your own solution.

hmmm maybe hopefully someone else has something!

Making a system isn’t that bad if you put enough thought into it. But I feel like epic’s version will be better suited to all genres. Right now my own system i been toying with has a few synchronized related issues but still making a system is not too hard if you spent a decent amount of time learning UE4.