Unreal Engine Shader Compiler not working or taking too long

I recently started to learn UE4. So first I imported a character from mixiamo and then it started compiling. It is either too slow but I checked through the task manager that there are no Shader Compilers or Compile Workers, I dunno the name of them, are not there.
I think that UE4 is just showing it in the editor and not really doing the compiliation.
I am using the latest version of UE4.

After creating a landscape with some lighting in it i wanted to restart to create fog. UE5 now has to compile 1,309 shaders and it is taking hours. I have never had this problem before, it came out of nowhere. I have tried changing the priority in task manager but i am unable because i get an error when doing so, i do not get this error on other proccesses, whenever the error does not pop up and i do change it, it changes back to the priority it was at before and then i get the error again. Thanks for any help in advance.

Just find out a reason of hight values of sharders compilling time ( there is some topics referenced to this trouble). The reason is a sharder compiller thread have a low priority in task manager. If you change it to real time priority, sharders is compiling much faster, but when process has completed, sharder process terminates, and next time all story repeat from the beginning.

I love the blueprint coding language. For the first time in my life I think I can understand coding.

But any time I try to strike out on my own and do anything in U5, not following a step-by-step game making tutorial, I keep running into a shaders compiling forever problem.

It’s like your are pretending to be user friendly but still filtering out potential game creators by making us jump through impossible hoops.

You need to setup your swarm agent to run shader compiling to a higher cpu priority.

or you can go into task manager find shadercompiler.exe in details tab and set its priority to normal, as for some reason it starts with priority below normal. Doing this will decrease compile time, however setting it higher can cause older less powerful cpus to run at 100% usage making it lag on other programs so use your best judgment depending on the speed of your cpu etc.

1300 ray tracing shaders in splash screen takes very long time, dont ask what processor I have.
at least defer the shader compilation to editor, async, not required, even in UE4, if applicable.

Yeah, it took me more than 2 hours to compile after I enable fog and virtual texture.

Actually, the more cores you have, the faster it will compile shader. That is why it is recommended to have 12 cores for UE5.

Even setting the shader to high priority doesn’t help much.


It takes over 1 hour to compile basic shaders for UE4 (4.25.4 or 4.27.2) in MacbookPro 2020, system specs:

Processor: 2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7

Memory: 16 GB 2667 MHz DDR4

Graphics: AMD Radeon Pro 5300M 4 GB

What am I doing wrong?