Unreal Engine Sci Fi Scene - Need 3D Artists and Animators

Hi All!

I am a full time Blender freelancer in the US. I just got a big job from a company down in Denver. We are creating a Sci-FI Virtual Reality experience using the Unreal engine.

I am looking for:

3D artists (High/low poly modeling and texturing)


Someone that is experienced in the Unreal Engine and VR

Deadline February 27th 2017

If your art is great, I will keep you around for more future work. I always have more work on my plate then I can handle.

You will be able to post the work in your portfolio after it is created.

Please PM me with:
Hourly rate so I can estimate expenses.

Time Available

How you prefer getting paid

If you are all wondering who I am, please check out my portfolio here:

I look forward to creating an amazing team for a very fun project.

you can PM me here, or send me an email through my portfolio.

The best,

Hi Jared,

Do you need 3D artists proficient in UE4 alone or will a preference for other software such as 3DS Max do?


Hi Sean,

I need an artist that can make Sci Fi assets, doesn’t matter what program as long as they understand PBR texturing. I also need someone (can be a different person) who knows their way around the Unreal engine.

Hi Jared,
I have sent you a PM