Unreal Engine Rookie: Episode #1

I thought I’d make a thread documenting the various experiments conducted by an Unreal Engine Rookie (that’s me). I’m essentially just testing the core functionality, so none of the assets are in place.

Episode #1: Pepperball GunWhat is it? Watch Video!

Episode #2: Paintball GunWhat is it? Watch Video!

Episode #3: Glow Stick (A.K.A. “ChemLight”)What is it? Watch Video!

Episode #4: Police LightsWhat is it? Watch Video! Warning: Loud Sirens!

Episode #5: FlashlightWhat is it? Watch Video!

Episode #6: Sting Ball Grenade (A.K.A. “Stinger”)What is it? Watch Video [180 Projectiles]! Watch Video [1000 Projectiles]!

Episode #7: Mine FieldWhat is it? Watch Video!

Episode #8: Mario BrosWhat is it? Watch Video!

Episode #9: Pedestrian/Traffic LightsWatch Video!

Episode #10: Exploding SodaWatch Video!

More to come!

I like the shrapnel, good job - keep it up!

I like this. Can’t wait to see more.

Thanks for the kind comments. I’ve added a couple more videos, but they’re probably not as exciting as the 1000 projectile “stinger”. :slight_smile:

Hey dude these are pretty cool, something that might be nice is for the paint ball gun to have a few different variations of paint splatter.

Looks like you want to remake SWAT 4 made with unreal engine 2 , great stuff :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. All of the assets are really just placeholders for now. Once the core functionality is correct, then I’ll start fine tuning. :slight_smile:

That’s confidential! Ha ha. Seriously though, that’s the eventual goal [a tactical game that focuses on preserving lives instead of taking them], but I’ve got a long way to go, as I’m just a random guy playing around in Blender and UE4 and seeing where it takes me. I can’t imagine I’d be able to reference S.W.A.T though (due to legal reasons).

Cool, nice job!

“a tactical game that focuses on preserving lives instead of taking them” Nice idea ben good luck

Nice! One thing I’m wondering about is how to fix the blueprint fps project so that the projectile shoots at the crosshair instead of below it. Anyone have any idea how to do this?

EDIT: Also if you aim up or down the projectile doesn’t shoot out of the barrel anymore. Same if you shoot while strafing. I would really like to know how to fix all of these issues if anyone could help me out :slight_smile:

Well, I imagine it would be hard to do, as it’s using an actual projectile that is affected by gravity. Hence, it’s only going to align with the cross-hair at a specific distance (much like an actual firearm that is zeroed to a specific distance). I’d imagine raycasts would be more appropriate if you need the cross-hair to be zeroed at every distance. Now that you’ve mentioned it though, I’m curious to know how Battlefield 4 handles this, since it appears that actual projectiles (instead of raycasts) are used regardless if the firearm is being fired from the hip or down the sights.

Anyway, I’ve added some more videos to the original post. I’m back into the swing of things after an extended break (due to various frustrations).

the traffic light has a slightly wrong timing. when you observe a traffic light you will see a delay between red for the cars and green for the pedestrians. it is a time for the cars to clear the junction. its mostly like 2 seconds, just the time for one car to leave the junction from the time when the light turns red to the time it will have passed the pedestrian overpass on the other side of the junction. if you think about it, makes totally sense, otherwise you will see peds running on the street but still have cars on the junction. you can see it in this picture. aa150b9bd86bf92bdb7e13fc089cbaff23a4550d.jpeg

(source: being civil engineer :slight_smile: )

But thats just a minor issue in your design. Nice work!

You are absolutely correct. The traffic lights were merely created as a way for me to practice Blueprint communication. There wasn’t much attention paid to the timing (which would no doubt irritate civil engineers, ha ha). I ended up overhauling the Blueprints to get them replicating correctly across a networked game, so not much remains of the original concept.