Unreal Engine Romania - Proposal

Well, I’ve proposed Unreal Engine on twitter to make workshops/tours in Romania! That would be cool!

I’m a developer from Alexandria, RO and I like game dev. I have a mini-team with a good friend called Diana. We’re beginners and we went to many contests of “IT”.
Let’s say “InfoEducatie” - we made an educational game because it was only one category where we could participate with it. We qualified into finals called ‘Open’ where we should’ve made a game in 24 hours. We won that open and the full contest too. We made it Heh.
Then we went to “GrepIT” where we used that game made previously for ‘InfoEducatie’ and we won 1st prize again.

The main idea is that while we presented our game we needed to show the source and we presented what we made in blueprint. Afterall, we presented the engine while promoting it to everyone else who was interested in game dev.

While we’re some devs in Romania, would you like to help us promoting UE here?
Maybe you’d like to come here for some workshops or something like that.
I made a group on facebook in order to promote ue4 in Romania !


What do you think?

The best of luck with that! :wink: