Unreal Engine Registry for downloading public blueprints like npm for the javascript community

As a new developer learning UE4 I see in tutorials everyone is creating their own blueprint to do the same thing. It seems to me that blueprints have already been created for 99% of the things you would want to do in UE4 by someone. I propose a registry where we can download blueprints for just about anything we want. I would like to get away from even having to make my own blueprints and focus on the art. I would say not just a registry like npm as that is out of control but something with code rules that all blueprints in the registry must follow. Really there should be no reason create new blueprints for 99% of the cases except when new functionality is introduced. Imagine just being able to download blueprints and put them together to make your game or movie, quick, easy, powerful no fuss no muss! I know the marketplace has some blueprints for sale but I am talking about an open source standardized blueprints that meets the needs of just about any game or movie you could create. Thanks!


NPM security is definitely a clustf**k that’s for sure. Its probably one of the reasons why Javascript scares Epic so much. :p​ But as regards your request… Good luck with that! Historically Epic have been very hands off on offering lots of different learning resources / materials, preferring instead to focus on the tech or engine itself. So in short, Epic’s learning tools or sample blueprints scripts and projects are years behind where they should be! :mad:

So the question is, who are you expecting to create this new resource: Epic or the Community?

What you’re saying about code re-usability is true, but it also isn’t - here’s why. Web dev and game dev differ in quite subtle ways. Every game has its own unique camera systems and unique movement systems, along with different weapons and vehicles and lots of different game mechanics. So everything is custom. Why? Gamers don’t want to play exact clones of other games. Even shooters are all slightly different, but the differences are often subtle… Whereas web dev aims to be more consistent and provide the exact same interface or expected behavior and rarely surprise users or devs. That’s very much the opposite of game dev if you think about it. So having a universal set of scripts doesn’t make sense, as most game code is actually highly custom. :wink:

But there are two options right now that help, just not in the form you expected maybe. One is Blueprintue and the other is Community-Tools. See my sig to get started on the latter and search on Blueprintue to find sample links. But as regards the perfect utopia of having all BP nicely organized? That’s probably not going to happen ever. Or at least there’s no sign of that so far from either the Community or Epic. Why? Game dev is super hard with horrible odds of success, so competition is hell. So why should studios or indies give away their best code on github or stackoverflow? Also lots of game code just gets junked as soon as a new game is started. The larger truth here is, lots of BP code is actually awful, precisely because devs know it won’t get re-used. :smiley:

Thanks for the reply and information. I see now what you are saying about the uniqueness of each game and how a set of standard blueprints might not be helpful. Thanks for the link to very interesting!


No worries… BTW: Its possible that Epic will create a substantial organized ‘BP collection’ in the future, especially if the Enterprise crowd asks for it (as opposed to Indies). But it’d need extra info such as animgifs or videos alongside, to demo what the code actually does (as game dev is so visual). That’s what makes it so different from other fields of tech (with the exception of backend ops / networking maybe).

On the flip side, if the Community creates this and that could happen also, will devs give away their best code? A few maybe… But its more likely, the stuff on there will be low ball / low hanging fruit. Which means its ok to learn from, but its not really good enough in practice w/o a lot of custom work… Game dev is all about visual game mechanics, so copying / pasting random code often just makes game dev harder!!! :stuck_out_tongue: