Unreal Engine Python [Visual Studio Code - Extension]


I’ve been working on an extension for Visual Studio Code to assist when writing Python code for Unreal Engine.

The extension can be found here:


Execute Code

Run code in Unreal Engine directly from within VS Code:

Command: Unreal Python: Execute
Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + Enter

The selected text will be executed, or if nothing is selected the entire document will be executed.

Setup Code Completion

Setup code completion for the unreal module based on the current project.

Command: Unreal Python: Setup code completion


Attach VS Code to Unreal Engine to debug your scripts, set breakpoints and step through the code.

Command: Unreal Python: Attach

+ there are a few more features planned for the future :smiley:

If you were to start using this extension and run into any issues or have any questions, do let me know!

And if anyone would be interested, the source code for this extension can be found on GitHub:

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