Unreal Engine Public Issues Tracker Is Now Available

For the past 20 years, the Unreal Engine has been continually evolving. Growing alongside an ever-increasing base of developers, the goal has always been to empower content creators with the tools they need to achieve success. Of course, communication with our Unreal Engine development community is key to ensuring meaningful, measurable success throughout that process and today we are pleased to introduce a new way of achieving our common goals with the Unreal Engine Issues public bug tracker.

No longer will you have to wait, wonder or ask about the status of an issue whenever one of our support staff or engineers reference a JIRA ticket number on the forums or Answerhub. With the new site you can now search for known issues by ID number, keyword description, affected engine component, affected version number and more.

Once you have found the issue you are interested in, you have a wealth of information at your fingertips, such as:

  • Issue description
  • Reproduction steps
  • Affected versions of the engine
  • The status of the issue (whether fixed or not)
  • Targeted version goal for a fix
  • Links back to any community pages where the issue was reported or wherever the ticket ID number has been referenced

Furthermore, if the issue has been fixed, the site will automatically link to its GitHub commit whenever possible so that source code developers can grab and integrate the fix into their codebase without having to wait for the next binary engine release!

We have also implemented a voting system so that you can highlight the issues that you care about the most. This allows you to track the issues you have voted on and allows Epic to review the top votes to see the issues that are most important to our community of developers.

Not every JIRA ticket in Epic’s internal database will be automatically displayed, but if you are aware of an ID number for a ticket that you would like to follow, make a post on this forum thread and our support staff will look into making it public. More than 5,000 internal tickets, both fixed and unresolved, are already shared and new ones will be continually added.

We hope that you find the issues tracker site to be a valuable new resource which empowers you to develop around known bugs, and keeps you informed on the latest fixes for them.

Wow! That really looks awesome :cool:

Sweet! Do I need to re-post my unanswered reports from AnswerHub to the Bug Tracker ?

As someone used to seeing these for ongoing projects, I have to say I love this change. Bravo.

EDIT: Love the “broken” logo

Can I suggest a big, prominent link to AnswerHub on the page, since that’s where bugs are supposed to get REPORTED? I feel like this may confuse new users who can’t figure out why they can’t submit bug tracker tickets.

Hi motorstep. This new site displays Epic’s internal tickets for confirmed issues. Not everything reported to the Answerhub is a confirmed bug, but if you are able to provide reproduction steps that Epic support staff can confirm the issue on (on the latest engine version), then internal bug reports will be created and shared on the new site.


Super mega rad awesome. The front end looks really nice too!

Nice !
It seems reports need to be made public before they become visible there.

Thanks for the feedback. We are looking into ways to improve upon this process in the future, and a note like this could certainly be valuable on the site in the meantime. I’ll see about adding a note soon.

This is correct. See this from the announcement:
“Not every JIRA ticket in Epic’s internal database will be automatically displayed, but if you are aware of an ID number for a ticket that you would like to follow, make a post on this forum thread and our support staff will look into making it public.”**

Oh i see :rolleyes:
It seems i will be the first to ask for a specific JIRA ticket : UE-32642

Again thank you for this awesome tracker tool :wink:

Done. Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-32642)


Thank you :cool:

And I’d like to ask about Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-13784) :slight_smile:

Could you add this issue, it’s not accessible now :

Great work! I am just wondering, maybe it would be better to show something like “Sorry, this issue is private” for private issues rather then showing them same way as invalid issue codes. But I understand that there can be technical limitation for this feature.

Id there any reason why not all jira’s ticket is publicly shown in issues? It seems like counter-productive to me…

Because sometimes there is sensitive material in the tickets and they have to be reviewed first. NDA’s like for consoles and other considerations to privacy must also be considered.

Awesome stuff. Thank you :slight_smile:

These are both available now.

How about making UE-32774 public?

:o This is awesome