Unreal Engine "Project" Code Plugins

I know Unreal Engine Code Plugins are fairly new but I was thinking it would be nice to also have “Project” Code Plugins. I can see having a “Add to Project” option for Code Plugins, that support it, as well as the already in place “Install to Engine”.

This could open up a whole new dimension for the Marketplace. I wonder how much level of effort this would take to add in?

This should be very straightforward to add I’d imagine, but in what way would it ‘open up a whole new dimension’? I don’t really see what the difference would be.

After doing some research and testing out another engine code plugin I do agree I was off basis saying ‘whole new dimension’. I’ll take that part back :slight_smile:

My specific example that led me to write this occurred after I started learning about and trying out the SkookumScript code plugin. The marketplace plugin is nice for it but in order to get enable all the functionality of SkookumScript you really have to install it as a project plugin that depends on your project game modules. SkookumScript needs access to your project’s module so it can generate the necessary files/scripts from your projects c++ code. I have this working in some projects and I really like it but I have to use SkookumScript’s source download rather than the Marketplace engine installed version.

Does that make sense? Thoughts?

How does SkookumScript depend on your own modules? Do you need to actually modify something within the plugin source code?

It’s highly unusual for a plugin to depend on project code and generally shouldn’t be the case. Obviously SkookumScript is a pretty complex plugin that needs a lot of integration, so may be a bit of an exception. I don’t think though that plugins being installed to the engine should generally cause any issues, since on the whole plugins should be designed to be independent of what project they’re used with.