Unreal Engine production (assignment)

As part of a college assignment I have been tasked with creating a game level using the Unreal Engine. The game I have decided to make is a Tower Defense game with a top down view, a medieval city theme where the towers are city buildings so you can build the city as you defend! As per the requirements of the assignment it would be helpful to get informative feedback on the creation of this product, I will be logging a weekly update with my progress.

For now I have started some basic designs while using the Tower Defense Starter Kit from the Unreal Market. I am for the most part setting up the parameters for balancing the towers to fit my design, first and foremost. Once the balancing is done and the meshes are setup I will move onto level design, for now I have a basic level set up for testing purposes.

Update 02/03/2017

In the past couple of weeks I have been making progress on this project. I have done a basic level map-out, set the parameters of towers and enemies and applied meshes to the various types of towers. My next objective currently, is to add in a movable camera. Due to my inexperience in Unreal Engine I don’t know how long this will take.
Update 17/03/2017
Not a lot of progress so far, mixing between tweaking unit and tower numbers and looking into using blueprints for moving the camera. I’m simply thinking of coding a moving camera in C++ instead, I’ve also started to use the landscape tool to build a world.
Update 31/03/2017
I have moved on to changing the landscape geometry using the sculpting tools.

Additionally, I have decided to take segments from my original layout and place them on mountain cliffs which will be connected by bridges, this allows me to make more dynamic and varied spawn locations as well as allow for a bit more strategy and planning rather than having the ability to throw down buildings in a cluster and win the game.