Unreal engine problem with HTML5


For below statement in unreal documentation for developing HTML5 projects:
“The HTML5 pipeline is currently experimental. Some projects may not run properly when built for the HTML5 platform. Expect some rough edges.”

  • We are trying to create 3D game with good quality graphics for HTML5. To confirm wondering if unreal engine is ready to use without major glitches for HTML5 packaging?

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

UE 4.15 has improved a lot of the rough edges, and UE 4.16 will improve even further. You can visit here for a recently published demo of upcoming WebAssembly support in action:


For background info and the release announcement, see Why WebAssembly is a game changer for the web — and a source of pride for Mozilla and Firefox | by David Bryant | Mozilla Tech | Medium

This requires latest Firefox 52 for best performance.

That being said, web exports are actively being worked on, not only on UE4 side, but also on the Emscripten compiler side, which enables UE4 to target compilation to the web. If you do run into issues, bug reports with test cases are very valuable to figure out issues that people are running into.

Hi Juj,

Thank you for your very much for your clarification and Mozilla demo you share looks awesome!