Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming Azure Portal

Hello everyone,

We have a game which allows multiple user joining (match making) using Pixel Streaming on our local servers. 10 person can join into our game at our local servers and there is no any problem, we have tested in Pixel Streaming system. However we want to deploy our game to Azure Cloud system using Unreal Pixel Streaming. We have setup correctly (we think it is) Unreal Pixel Streaming system on Azure side and we uploaded our builded game with network settings to Azure servers. According to our observatioons, In the Azure side there is no error machine scaling. We set scale settings as a virtual machine per 2 users session. If there is a one session is available with 1 user on a virtual machine, another user can join the session on the same virtual machine, there is no problem (Total user count is 2 in this situation for a virtual machine). However when another person (3rd) tried to join the game, new virtual machine is started to run in Azure side automatically, however the user (3rd user who ) cannot join into the session of the game.
As a summary, the sessions on same virtual machine can connect each other but the sessions on different virtual machines cannot connect the game which is hosted on the first virtual machine.
How can we solve this problem to provide joining multiple sessions even if the sessions are on the different virtual machines?

P.S. All virtual machines on the same network.

Thank you so much

Hi @redbeardanil, I work at MSFT and help with the Pixel Streaming solutions built there, I’ll DM and we can schedule a chat to go into more detail. Is this the GitHub version or the Marketplace version in Azure? It sounds like you are using 2 streams per VMSS node?

hey @digitalhamptons,

Do you have any experience distributing your UE5 scene to your customers through cloud computing services?

I’m trying to set up the infrastructure in a way that customers can acces my 3D archviz environment at all times through a simple URL.

are you willing to chat with me about this? i’m willing to pay you (upfront) for it cause i really need this to work as soon as possible :smiley: