Unreal Engine Payment Methodes

It would have been nice if there where different payment modells like 3/6/12 Month payment suscribution for those who dont have a credit card which allow constant charging.

Maybe support Paypal, Paysafecard and so.

So more people (include me^^) get Access to the Engine and more People are willing to pay overall if they exactly know how much and long they pay for support, i would think.

They will add more types of payment

“We’re actively working on accepting more forms of payment across the world, but I’m afraid I don’t have a clear timeline other than stating that the online backend guys involved in this are working feverishly on it.”

Yes we’re looking to expand payment options and hope to have more to share on this soon!

Please see:

The TLDR is that Paypal support is still a few weeks out. Sorry for the long wait and I will update that thread if things change.

Still patiently waiting for PP integration before I can subscribe. :rolleyes:

Any chance of taking Convenience Store Payments, Web Money or Bit Cash(NOT related to Bit Coin!) in Japan?

Yes please. Add paypal!

You can alternatively use prepaid credit card to buy the monthly license if you a local dealer in the neighborhood have sold the such.

im a german and im also waiting for paypal :eek:

Paypal support is coming this week actually, will have an update shortly.

nice, im already looking for it to appear every day.

and right now it just appeared :slight_smile:

now im happy!