Unreal Engine Or Autodesk stingRay for architecture visualization?

hi every One
which game engine is better for architecture visualization ?
which One has a better final result?

I wouldn’t touch anything from AD with multiple gloves on, but hey… YMMV :wink:

UE4 has been around for a long time now, and is seeing rapid development.
Stingray isn’t really new, but a rebrand after AD bought it. So who knows what ahppens if the interest in Stingray isn’t up to AD thoughts.
AD isn’t well know about nurturing their software takeovers…

I think the better question for now would be “Will I use Unreal or Unity?”

Both are good for archviz.

yes, u right
they Kill softimage XSI
SO unity or Unreal? :wink:

i saw i lot of Good work with unreal on web.but it seems no one do anything similar with stingray.
so i’m confused :smiley:

I havent tested Stingray, but from what I have seen, the UE4 has a much better graphic quality →

thanks :slight_smile:
i think its better to learn UE4.