Unreal Engine on Windows and Linux - Requires some specific help

I am facing some problem with Unreal Engine on Windows and Linux. I would need some active help from somebody conversant with the basics of engine and flow flushing it in both OSes.

Any interested person, please let me know here or shoot a mail -

I would pay as required.

Thanks in advance.!

While you haven’t actually said much, this is actually a pretty specific scenario…
If replies aren’t forthcoming, a PM into one of the past Linux threads might help…

Hi franktech, thanks for your suggestions. Yes these are pretty machine specific issues. The unreal in Windows is giving me C++ compilation errors. The set-up is UE4.17 + MS VS 2017 community. After following a bunch of replies in AnswerHub while trying to get a project built from both UE4 and MSVS, I am still unable to go past the all the platform specific issues that are popping up.

While I keep on digging for answers, the pace is frustratingly slow. An interactive help in having the engine flow flushed in in both/either of the platforms is what I sought.