Unreal Engine on a cloud based PC

Like the Metahumans, it would be great for us low spec users to get access to Unreal, Quixel, Metahumans in the editor and all this other incredible stuff on a cloud based virtual PC. Depending on other licenses, it could be a setup where the user enables Blender, Houdini, Maya, 3DS MAX and what not and somehow combine all of this into an integrated source control solution, without the need to use external routes for that.

And lastly, if such system could integrate multiplayer testing somehow, I think the future of the industry would have a hard time justifying other solutions.

tip upgrade to fastest ram and at least 16 to 32 gb add a ssd and htere are youtube videos where oldest hardware you can imagine can use them…this allows you to really speed up the box and ive got a win 7 dual core that up till 426 which i dont have on it could do all kinds a neat thiongs but win ten had plugins it dont…the laptop imtyping on is win 11 capable so at least this 2 year old laptop will be a go…ikm upgrading it to 16 or 32 gb ram and a 1 tb ssd so it will get a huge preformance boost.

and you might want to look up render famring costs before you ask for this…the big boys use them and they are not cheap.

I have used Unreal on a Paperspace Virtual Machine. Costs between 0.51 USD and 2.30 USD for every hour.
Not cheap if you are working fulltime, but not impossible and this technology is still in its infancy.
Five years from now, we will see the beginning of the end of the local computer, with cloud prices and quality outcompeting local PCs.

how was the experience? was it pretty easy to use?