Unreal Engine on 2014 hardware.

Hello Everyone,

I would like to seek opinions/ advices on my current desktop hardware and how I can move forward with Unreal Engine with minimal cost of upgrade.

The main reason is I wanted to explore the blueprint while being away from my workplace. ( no 3D modeling/ no light baking, just standard template and play around with the blueprint)

I have 2 issue as below:

1- Unable to install UE because my OS is Window 10 32bit. Any tips to by pass this rule? ya I know it is mandatory to have 64bit. T-T

2- I am not able to install the 64bit version despite having the correct AMD processor. I think I have done enough research, just need to find out anyone happened to have solution on this.

Please have a review on the images below of the hardware.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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