Unreal Engine: Now Available to Everyone for Free

I would be nice for Epic to clarify about $3k per quarter thing. Does it mean that each quarter separate billing cycle? For example, if I make $5k first quarter and $2k next quarter and $3k the following quarter, would I only pay 5% off $5k gross (or $2k gross?) for the first quarter only? Or since I made (hypothetically) $5k gross in the first quarter, I have to pay 5% for the first quarter and on ?

Yep, that’s how it works. You’d only pay for that first quarter and only on the $2,000 after the first $3,000. You can theoretically make $12,000 a year without paying the royalty if you made exactly $3,000 every quarter. Let me know if you have any questions

I would like to say Thank You for this. One of the problems I was thinking about was ‘How is a game going to have modding support when the tools to easily make mods are behind a pay wall?’ Thank you kindly.

Please keep in mind the fact that those games are played on youtube by let’s players who have millions of subscribers. So those games are getting their own “advertisement” and are being showed to millions of people worldwide. Same thing happened to minecraft.

That’s why so many AAA games were developed with unreal engine:

Okay… No comment on that

@Chariots @Chance
Is there a listing showing all the games that were showcased on this reel?

Welcome to the forums, cyberdemons! The best way to get started is to take a look at our documentation and videos. Here are a few links to get you started!

A great series for learning the basics is here: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

Finally, post on the forums! Our community is amazing and most of the developers here are more than willing to help!

Thanks for this Epic Games!

I just spent a couple of days with Unity 5.0 and it is a lot better than Unity 4.0, performance was much better I must admit even loaded full of post. BUT Unreal Engine has so many more tools and just looks absolutely beautiful even if it is a little rough around the edges, it’s the promise of what can be and no limitations which as a developer which makes it a miracle.

We’re spoilt for choice now I must admit, but with Epic’s amazing support and the engine ever improving at a rapid pace it’s still in my number 1 spot. Although I will have a sneaky peak at source 2 whenever it peeps it’s head.

I have had my eye on UE for years now. It’s amazing how far everything has come in UE4.

Even though I fully agree that the 19 dollars-a-month was affordable, for a game design hobbyist like myself, I wanted to be able to learn on my free time, but the commitment to a monthly payment kept me from doing so. To students, or simply, any young kid with a computer who wants to learn, free access means everything.

I look forward to UE4’s future.

Thank you everyone at Epic!

Y’all are full on brill’
Thanks so very much!
I hope this nets billions for you.

Epic Games deserved it for sure! Community love at its best!

I’m also interested in the use for the codes, any new info on this?

Tim!..That’s…totally EPIC!. The move demonstrates LOVE to the community and to all starving developers trying to make something Unreal or any imaginable vision in question.
Thanks Tim and Epic TEAM.

hi mods/epic;
a quick question regarding subscriptions…

I kinda talked my company into getting a UE4 subscription and they literally bought it like a day before it went free. I mean it was only $19 so obviously it’s not a biggie at all, however, it is a little awkward lol.
also they don’t really have any need for a $30 marketplace voucher. are they transferable?
do you guys have anything planned for people who bought it a couple of days before you decided to offer it for free? just curious.

thank you!

They said that they would issue a refund for the last payment so all good :slight_smile:


In the original post, this was mentioned:

In going free, we’ll be issuing a pro-rated refund to current subscribers for their most recent month’s payment. And, everyone who has ever paid for a UE4 subscription will receive a $30 credit that can be spent in the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

In regards to the marketplace credit, I do not believe these are transferable. However, you can contact for further information.

Can we have our pro rated refund applied to our account for the marketplace?

Edit: After some discussion it was determined that this would not be a possibility at this time with the refunds being sent out. However you are able to add the funds to your marketplace account after they have been returned to you if you wish to.

Alright no problem :slight_smile:

I do intend to spend it on Your market place so you guys get my money either way :slight_smile:

hey guys,
thanks a lot for the answers! very cool. epic rules <3