Unreal Engine Novice Questions

First of all I’d like to confirm this is the best location for basic UE learning questions. If not, please point me in to the right place and I’ll request it be moved. I am a Novice and currently working my way through the Intro to UE Tutorial. In the tutorial I have reached the Material section, setting up a master material.

Update: I’ve figured it out, In the UV Multiplyer for Grass, in the Scalar Paramter Node specifically, the Default Value had reverted to 0.0. Putting it back to 1.0 fixed it. :smiley:

I am working on a Tutorial online regarding Vertex Painting. Near the end, it showed how to group your texture parameters so in an Material Instance, they are grouped together.

So I had two textures one was a grass, the other a tile. There are 5 textures listed grass_Normal, grass_diffuse, tile_Normal, tile_Diffuse, and tile_height. I selected the grass scalars, in the material to group them into a grass group, but I accidentally typed this into the parameter label.
As soon as I did this my grass texture in the UE Viewport turned from a texture to a solid green color. I went back and fixed all the parameter names, back to what they were before, which had changed to “parameter, parameter, parameter”. I’m thinking this should not break the grass texture, however,
When viewing the grass_D in the Content Browser it looks normal, but in the Viewport it comes out is a solid mass of green color, minus any texture. The Tile _D texture looks normal in both the CB and in the Viewport.

I’m seeing for the grass diffused map, there is a star in the lower left corner of the texture image in the Content Browser. The other texture, my tile is looking normal, no stars there. I also see the vertex blending is no longer working, but for now I assume it’s an issue with the grass texture being screwed up.

Any ideas on what I should check?
Also is that “star” labeled on the grass_d texture a symptom? I’ve looked on line for info on a star showing on a texture and did not find the answer.

When I reloaded the project I got a Load Error: Failed to Load: VertexPainting_Mat_Inst reference by StaticMeshCompontn0. In the process of trying to fix things I deleted a Material instance I had previously created.

I’m still looking for info about the little star that appears on the bottom left of a texture in the UE Content Browser. Is this a favorite designation? I’ve looked on line and can’t find a reference to the star’s significance.

The star * means that the asset was modified but has not been saved yet. Go to file > Save all or select it and then save.

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Hey Fantam_Mayfly,
I’ve moved your post from Work-In-Progress to General discussion under development. Hope you’re able to get more help here! :slight_smile: