Unreal engine not updating

Can you go more detailed into the steps you are taking to update the engine?

I have UE 4.15 which was working poorly so I was happy to hear about 4.16. But, the unreal engine is not updating to this latest release.

The issue I’m having with 4.15 is chopping/slow game play (even though I have a 2013 Mac Pro), freezing and crashing in between games.

I’m on the latest version of mac, have 32GB ram, 6 core processor, etc.

Good day.

Today I have a problem regarding the update of Unreal.

  • when I open the launcher of epic games says update available, and download the 27 megs, it finishes, and it comes back to update again and ah been like this from today, already eh found everywhere and nothing.

I would greatly appreciate the help, there are shipping 1 pictures.
Thank you**