Unreal engine not downloading at real speed after 50%

I was downloading Unreal engine 4.10.4 .For some time the speed was quite good. The launcher was showing the speed around 150KB/s . It took about 5 hours to download 50%. Then the speed remained the same ie the speed shown by the launcher. But the download was very slow. It was taking 3 hours to download 3%.

I started redownloading the engine as the download could not be resumed(code 0).In this case the download stopped around 8 % with the same problem and I found that the Epic Games file size was not increasing at all (when I inspected properties for the next 3 hours).

Hi NirabhroMakhal,

  • Can you post your dxdiag here so I can take a look?
  • Additionally, what is your internet download speed?
  • Do you have any other programs open while you are attempting to install the editor?

My internet download is 1.5 mbps(>160 KB/s).
link text
Below is my dxdiag
Usually when I start the download I use google or offline games. I have limited the reservable bandwidth in Windows 10 from 80 to 0 so the windows 10 apps don’t use up bandwidth.
However the day the download paused at 8% no other programs were running (excluding the background programs).

Hi NirabhroMakhal,

While it sounds like this is a bottleneck in your current download speeds as opposed to a specific launcher issue, I think it would be best to check out the http://help.epicgames.com site. Here you can find information and solutions for common issues, as well as a contact form if you still need additional assistance. Thanks!

The problem is not with my internet speed. When unreal engine downloads, it shows a somewhat constant speed. That day also the speed was quite good . It took only one hour to download 7% then at 8% it got stuck. I kept it for 5 hours. Nothing was being downloaded. The launcher did not show any connection problem nor did it show the speed to be less than 100KB/s. In one of the logs I found that the launcher was repeatedly failing to download a chunk at 8%. I have increased the timeout settings. But the download works fine until 8%. I have attempted to redownload this 2 times since the last coment.

I have discovered something. My internet connection speed fluctuates and sometimes it reaches 0 but it recovers within 5 min or so. Today I was trying to download UE4.11 and once this problem happened when the download was 9%.then the launcher showed a connection problem. After 5 min it got fixed. To make sure I even tried browsing google. Yes the connection speed was back to normal and then this problem which I had been facing for a week occurs again.

If the website above does not contain an article with a solution for the error you are seeing, please press the “email us” button the site and fill out the contact form so we can assist you more in depth. Thank you!

I have managed to install UE 4. Anyway, Thanks.