Unreal Engine Nodes Laggy/ Menus Disappear Immidiately

Hello, lately I have been experiencing the engine to be quite laggy when moving nodes around. The other problem that I’ve had is when I right click in the graph to show the menu, there are some times that it will immediately disappear.

I am using the latest version of unreal engine and the latest Nvidia graphics driver.

  • I have tried downgrading graphics driver

I have exactly the same issue …!! I was about to write about it but i saw this post …!! If anyone can help us i would appreciate it …!!

I just found the the setting for the fps as mine was set to 30, however that did not fix the issue.

Thanks …!! I found out about the studio driver which it says that fixes those problems …!! Iam gonna try them out …!!

Have you throttled the FPS? If you set a low FPS for testing, everything goes slower, including moving nodes in the blueprint editor.

There is a fix for black menus on the Nvidia website, sorry I don’t have the link.

( see above ).

What else can I do?

In your Nvidia control panel, if you have any kind of V-sync, G-sync, framerate cap or whatever else, try turning all that off and see if that fixes the problem

I’m just careful when moving blueprint comments. I grab the comment, wait a split second, then move it real slow. I dont like having uncapped framerate

Did you get the studio driver?

I did get the studio driver.

I did that but nothing changed.

For those in the future who may have this problem, this link here got my issue to be fixed:


Just download the first registry, run it, accept the security window, then restart your pc.

Perfect, thanks a lot!
Had the same problem. This worked for me. :slight_smile: