>>>Unreal Engine "Multi Editor" plugin RTC for UE4<<<

****Hello! I am currently working towards trying to create an RTC plugin for Unreal Engine 4. RTC stands for Real Time Collaboration. This plugin would allow multiple users (2+) to connect to the same Unreal project, so as to collaborate. One user could be sculpting terrain, while another user paints terrain. This would dramatically increase the power of Unreal Engine, as well as speeding up development for teams. Currently, I am working to start a Kickstarter, to raise the nessisary funds for this plugin project. At this point I am mainly trying to spread the word, if your interested in this idea, please post a comment, or subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates: I understand that this idea has been talked about before, however I could not find a stable download to a plugin of this type. If you are interested in working on this plugin, please contact me via email: Thanks a lot!

p.s. All Kickstarter donors will receive the entire plugin.

pp.s Please don’t reference Unreal’s Live Editor, to my knowledge, it is supposed to be used for MIDI sound or something. If I am wrong, feel free to correct me.

Thanks again, - Jack

Hi, it’s been a year since this was posted and I’m wondering if the project is still alive and any status update? I’m really interested in using this for my first project. I’d like to collaborate with my friend and we are both totally new to UE/game development as a whole. I think we would learn much better if we work on a project together that we put both our minds together on.