Unreal Engine motion capture client


I’m a programmer starting to write a unreal engine 4 client for a server that takes feedback from Motion Analysis or Opti-track motion capture labs. The virtual positions and rotations of the markers in the room are streamed in real-time to sub-millimeter precision. It uses a alternate version of the natnet protocol that works better over wireless (for mobile support). Using Autodesk maya is practical and everything but Unreal 4 looks amazing for previs. Hoping I don’t run into any development walls.


Pic: Brain simulation engine written by someone else using the streaming features. Notice points on Oculus Rift, virtual camera and glove.

I don’t have much to show yet but I thought I would post this so if I ask for help on the forum I can link it.


P.S Why is the image been reduced in size so much?

Defs interested in this work. Let us know how it’s going. :slight_smile:

very, very interested

Could you please tell me which brand of motion capture gloves are compatible with UE4?