Unreal Engine Meetup Tel Aviv


As you may or may not have heard we have started the first Unreal Engine Meetup in Tel Aviv.
We just had our first event. Check it out.

Eyes forward we are already planning our next event. So anyone who has any project in UE4, even WIP - please talk to me and we will set it up.
Bring your games, concept art, VR demos, whatever you’re doing with Unreal Engine we’d love to see it!

You can post anything you are doing to this thread. Let’s liven up the community!

Looking forward to your posts and i will keep you posted for the next event

Something little…

A little factory map I started before a year ago, Here’s a pic :).

  • My exite tweet on the meetup :)!!!‏‏

Hey Nestel34
Thank you for the tweet and post :slight_smile:
Is that for Unreal Tournament? What is your project status today?

Yeah its for UT. Becuase my PCs not run the new Unreal engine 4.xx its stuck, my mean is to do a unike factory that have unike sectors, but in the near future I will have a new rig I so hope, so…