Unreal Engine Marketplace Summer Sale

Unreal Engine Marketplace Summer Sale

Summer is in full swing and we at Epic are happy to announce that the Marketplace Summer Sale is happening right now! Starting in August and continuing into mid-September, you can expect to see five different themed genres that aim to provide awesome resources for your current or future UE4 project.

The Summer Sale is no slouch, either, as it will see you saving up to 75% on amazing Marketplace items such as 2D Desert Pack Handcrafted, Zombie 1 Model + Animation and Generic Shooter. Nearly 50 items will be discounted throughout the sale, so be sure to check back often to discover something new.


With savings on many types of starter kits, props, sounds and VFX, we’re breaking down each week of the Summer Sale by theme to bring you deals you’ve been waiting for from a range of talented creators.

FPS/SCI-FI - Aug. 8 - Aug. 14

101 Muzzle Flashes by W3 Studios
Ballistic FX by Cubit Studios
Modular Scifi Decals by Jonathon Frederick
Fps Weapon Pack Vol 2 by Deadghost
SciFi Props Pack by Olivier Garrigue
Generic Shooter by Gamemakin LLC
Animated First Person Arms Pack by Ironbelly Studios Inc
SuperGrid Starter Pack by ZeOrb
Sci-Fi/Adventure Library by Erik Johansen

Strategy - Aug. 15 - Aug. 21

RTS Building Template by Defuse Studios
Futuristic Modular Top-Down Rooftop by Matima Studio
Outliner by Voidlantern
Tower Defense Starter Kit by Rohit Kotiveetil
MOBA Style Spawn Points by Matthew Boatswain
RTS Fantasy Buildings by Dragan Maric
RTS Buildings:Humans by CreativeSPARKS
XMachina Male Pack 1 by Indie Thirty
Advanced Turn Based Tile Toolkit by Knut Overbye

RPG - Aug. 22 - Aug. 28

Character Stats Kit by Panda Studios
Quest Map and Navigation System by Michael Hutchesson
Fantasy Dungeon by SilverTm
Advanced Magic FX 01 by Kakky
Luo’s Four Elements by Luos
Fantasy Icon Pack by Kalle Olli
Sword & Shield Animset Pro by Kubold
Over 9000 Swords by Broad Strokes
Medieval Fantasy Audio Bundle 2 by Evil Mind

Platformer - Aug. 29 - Sept. 4

Simple Cartoon FX Pack by Hyunki Pack
Platforming Kit by Axell699
2D Desert Pack Handcrafted by Robin Ekeheien
Floating Tiles Generator by Sigma Games
Customizable Deadly Traps by Unforgiven
Platforming Starter Pack by Platunner
Adventure Kit by Pascal Krabbe
Platform Sound FX by Dexsoft-Games
Animated Materials by Tharlevfx

Survival - Sept. 5 - 13 ( all sales below will cut off at 9:00am EST)

Scary Shark Pack by Kelint
Landscape Auto Materials by VEA Games
FXVille Blood VFX Pack by FXVille Inc.
Zombie Melee Weapon by Jeong Seong Kyo
Post Apocalyptic World by PolyPixel
Zombie 1 Model + Animation by T-Pose
Immersive Dark Ambient Music Pack by W.oW Sound
Pantry Stuffers Pack by Brain Poof
First Aid Set by Alexander Ponomarev

You can always check out our ongoing sales for even more content at special prices. We hope you enjoy adding to your collection!

Enjoy the rest of your summer and please let us know if you have any feedback.


Why where some invited to be featured on the sale and some not. I dont understand this. @Reubitron

Is there a list of the items on sale now? Since this is confusingly added to the normal on-sale category with no clear difference from summer and regular sales, i.e. this is just an announcement of “we have sales” with featured slots. A list of the items on sale with image or description(not just a list) would be useful.

I completely agree. I have gone back and created a list of our summer lineup. Also, we will have this list updated within the blog post soon. This will be our first sales event that will run with our seller’s independent promotions. We will be improving the features of both sections in the future. Thanks again for showing us that issue, finding bad user experiences and fixing them is crucial as we grow and want to do more things for all you sellers.

It’s impossible to reach out to everyone for something like this. Unfortunately it’s just the nature of a large marketplace. The sales are also theme related, so that narrows down things even more. It isn’t an attempt to exclude anyone, they just can’t include everyone. =)

Hello! There were several items I wanted to purchase during the first phase of the marketplace sale (FPS/Sci-Fi) and I had made note of some prices earlier in week, however today when I logged in the sale price is no longer displayed - even though they are still listed under the “sale” catagory. I wanted to get the SciFi Adventure Library for the $16.50 sale price… but it is showing up at $27.50. I also wanted to purchase the Sci-Fi Props Pack (sale price $43.99 / now listed at $54.99), and the Super Grid Starter Pack (sale price $18.74 / now listed at $24.99). I know that these are only supposed to be on sale through today - what should I do?

Guys, I STILL can’t access the marketplace!


Please help! I’m missing every sale, I already missed out on SE_JonF’s decals from last weeks sale!

Lancher Marketplace isn’t working either:

Hey there! Make sure you contact to inform them of the issue. It has a better chance of being seen through that email.

Hi All,

Just to extend on that, if you are having issues with the launcher please grab your debug logs and send them to our Marketplace Support e-mail ( If you do not know how to get debug logs we have a handy guide that can be found here:

Let us know if you guys are having any other issues.



How will I know if the product is discounted when it doesn’t show up as discounted on the marketplace?

For example, ‘Over 9000 Swords’ is on sale this week,
but only say ‘Buy €21.97’, and no information about discount.

Went to profile page of content seller
There it shows the discount.

This is an issue that we (sellers) have raised with Epic several times. Hopefully it will be rectified at some point in the not too distant future.

Hi [MENTION=5273]Conny Landstedt[/MENTION], we are currently looking into this issue and if you run into any further cases similar to this one, please reach back to us at so our team can look into this further.



Hey guys, Due to the issues we have encountered this Monday with the Marketplace Summer Sale, we are extended the Survival Week sale to September 13th at 9:00am EST. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope everyone hops on these sales before time runs out. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave them within this thread add tag @Reubitron or you can send me a PM here.