Unreal engine marketplace for microtransactions

Can i sell the assets i bought from the unreal engine marketplace with in-game microtransactions?
Like a premium weapon skin or costume that can only be unlocked by paying money.

You’re not really selling the assets you’re selling access to use a thing that uses them.

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Yes correct.
I am selling the access to specific assets inside my game.
I just wanted a confirmation since i’ve seen other asset stores that do not allow this type of sale.

Yes, that is totally allowed, again, because the things are still limited to be used within your game.
You are not re-selling the assets into some other game. The fact that a user has to pay you $1 to see the item, rather than the user having to, say, unlock the “climb straight up for 2 hours achievement” to use the item, makes no difference.

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Got it!
Thank you for the answers!