unreal engine market team told me to make changes but.

they forget to put my asset to “change needed”.

what should i do.

and they said my asset are rigged to epic skeleton ?

but my asset didn’t rigged to epic skeleton, and i even put it to description.

You should make these questions only at the e-mail you received saying you need to complete the changes, so you will get precise answers. I am not sure what you are talking about rigged… Isnt it scaled to epic skeleton? If yes, means the scale of your items should be compatible with the epic manequim scale. If you model a hat, it must fit in the manequin’s head, if you model a car, it is necessary that a manequin can be fit inside the car. The items need to have the correct scale in the source, not inside Unreal, meaning if I import the FBX provided I will get it correctly.

Rigged is only necessary for characters (humanoid or not). Maybe other things supposed to be animated.