Unreal Engine Logo Video


My graphics guy is putting together a video to showcase some of our project and he wanted to include the unreal engine logo video. Is there one shipped with UE4? I couldn’t find it! Do you guys at Epic have one available or anyone know where to get a good copy of it?


check youtube i think in one of the demos there was a “powered by Unreal engine” with the 4 logo on it. There is also a U4 3d model in the first content showcase sample level that loads you could use i am sure :-p.

this right here at the very start of the video im sure it would be ok to use that. either use a youtube down loader or do a search gametrailers or other site might have the video to download then just edit it to include that at the start or end :-).

Just wanted to give you a heads up that we are working on putting together a proper media kit that should fulfill this need, and we should have something for you soon! =)

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