Unreal Engine > Library - It needs some love and attention, badly.

The Unreal Engine Library tab does a fine job if you don’t have much, but as my library continues to grow it’s becoming more and more ungainly. I currently have 408 assets and finding what I am looking for is close to a nightmare, I can use the search field provided I can remember a word from the name of the asset but this is less than ideal. Here is a list of proposed changes and additions to this tab to make life much easier.

  • Vault Category Filter

  • This is almost a requirement if I am looking for a blueprint asset, or a plugin, I currently have to sort through hundreds of assets to find what I am looking for, being able to filter by type would be great and make things much faster.

  • Vault Favorites

  • Allow us to tag an asset as a favorite and have it pre-filtered to the front of the list.

  • Vault Asset view

  • Currently, we have a Tile grid view, a list view, or even viewing options for the grid view would be nice, similar to the content browser in the editor.

  • Vault Asset Tagging

  • Allow us to tag an asset with custom tags, also similar to the content browser. For instance, if I wanted to tag things based on genre, or theme.

  • Add to Project Folder Selection

  • Please allow us to select a subfolder in the content folder where to place assets being added to the project, it personally drives me insane to have everything just dumped into my projects base content folder, guess I may be the only one though.

  • Asset Update Notification

  • The current method of showing the small orange dot technically works, but I have some huge issues with it. In a large collection, it takes me quite a while to find what asset actually needs to be updated, I have to slowly scroll through over 400 items and look for that dot, or that the Create Project / Add to Project button actually says Update instead.

  • The ideal change would be a Category filter that will only show things that need to be updated

  • Have a button somewhere that when clicked will have a pop-up telling you what asset by name needs to be updated, bonus for having a working update button for each asset on that pop-up.

  • Hide Asset

  • A sad reality with a community marketplace is that some assets get abandoned or deprecated, please allow us to mark an asset as hidden so that it does not show in the Vault unless we mark show hidden, I have several assets that haven’t been updated in six-plus versions, or were replaced by core engine implementation.

  • Marketplace (slightly out of the scope of the Library, but related)

  • Please allow us to add an asset to a wishlist / save list. being able to category and tag them would be nice, currently I have a rather extensive set of bookmarks that I try to remember are there when I need something.

I am sure there is more but this is what I can think of off the top of my head. If anyone else has something to add to the list go ahead and reply, I’ll try to keep the list updated.

I would like to second this list of changes. The has been a point of frustration for many developers since the vault’s conception. What makes it even worst is most of this functionality is currently in the marketplace in one form or another. These features make it very easy to find and buy the tools you need when working on a project. But to me they are more important the vault because what good is a tool you buy when you waste a considerable amount of time just trying to find it so you can use it from the vault.

This has been requested for 5+ years… Epic are legends at game tech, but the Launcher / Marketplace / Forums get outsourced to the bargain basement department! You gotta love feedback like this for example…:stuck_out_tongue: So what can you do? Manage it all yourself. Get a large external drive and break up downloads into smaller chunks using Windows File Mangler. Then create your own content database from that. It will probably use less space too as there’s duplication in Vault downloads.

I would really like some sort of categorisation for the vault or event a search function as it can get tedious trying to find what you are looking for sometimes

Some kind of response from Epic would be great, even if it’s just to know that they have seen the suggestions.

Going on six months, and still nothing, no changes at all for the Library.