Unreal Engine Learning Patch (For a Level-Designer)

Hello Guyz,

I’m gonna start learning unreal engine 4, for sake of being a LEVEL DESIGNER.

How should i start learning UE4? You know i started learning 3ds max modeling and texturing like the workflow down below.

I worked on modeling and UVing and map-baking at the same time and when i got enough knowledge, i started to create textures and maps in Quixel and then making materials for my own 3d models in Unreal engine4…

then how should i start learning Unreal Engine? I know there are a lot of grounds to cover! like Lighting and Post-Processing, Landscape Design, Audio, working with assets, Creating materials and so on…
which i should start to learn first?
I mean is there an standard workflow? for example

  1. learn landscape design
  2. learn importing assets
  3. Learn Lighting
  4. Learn post processing and so on…

Could anyone suggest a learning path?

It sounds like you’re working towards being an environment artist rather than a level designer. Level designers need to understand gameplay along with being able to take the assets made by the environment artist and build levels from them. It also involves doing some gameplay setup like Blueprints and lighting if there’s no lighting artists. Essentially it would be bringing the elements together.

Yeah… somehow…

then how you suggest me to start learning?

There is no “perfect” guideline, but:

  1. First of all I personally would learn how to create good + game ready assets -> textures, meshes and skeletal meshes.
  2. after that you can go into the UE4 and learn the important stuff:
    -how to create materials (you will need it for nearly everything)
    -then how to place assets and edit them (so that you can create a level)
    -how to create a landscape (that you can also do outdoor scenes)
    -afterwards how the light and post process works :slight_smile:

Thanks Really.
that would be helpful