Unreal engine launching OCULUS everytime I debug


So I am developing a game, not VR game… but I’m facing an anoying behavior everytime I launch my debug…

What I do:

  1. Just press play.
  2. Black Screen for 2 seconds
  3. Oculus software opens

If I don’t close the oculus software, it goes ok, but If I close the software, then it does the same thing, black screen for 2 seconds and oculus software opens, causing anoying delays.

The thing is… I have my oculus hardware connected 24/7, why does this happens? why to launch unreal engine opens my oculus landing software?


Hello Leofucci,

Does this still happen if you disable the OculusVR plugin? (Edit → Plugins → Oculus VR) It might be a good idea to disable SteamVR plugin too if you have SteamVR installed.

Also, you’ll find that these plugins are disabled by default in UE5.

Hope that helps!


Yes Indeed, looks like that plugin was on by default, causing all of the trouble.

I needed to uninstall SteamVR as well, once I disabled the OculusVR, the SteamVR poped up.