Unreal Engine Launcher with Github source?


I plan to install Unreal Engine Launcher (for Marketplace access) in my PC but am using Github compiled Engine. If i install the launcher will it detect my compiled Engine?

I have both installed and it is not detecting it. I’m looking for a way to point it to the new engine location myself. Maybe I can fool it by moving my compiled source into it’s directory structure.

**EDIT: So I tried this just now. I took my 4.2 source and removed it. Then used my compiled 4.2 source an put it in it’s place. The engine launched through the launcher just a bit slower. Seems to work. **

Would be nice if the launcher has an option to add the UE4 directory for source code users.

The latest version of the Launcher does automatically know about your GitHub versions of the editor as well as projects that were built with those editors. However, we aren’t quite sure if we should allow users to “slot” engine versions that they compiled themselves into the Launcher’s list of engines. It might be a confusing experience, because the Launcher currently won’t be able to help to “update” those versions of the engine, since they are built from source which you may have modified a lot yourself. It would simply by a tool to help you run them. However, if you have projects which now require your customized version of the GitHub source to even run correctly at all, then it makes sense for the Launcher to help you load the project with that customized version. So this is sort of what we’ve been talking about here, how to make this work in the most useful way to you guys without it being too confusing. Feedback is very much appreciated!


Hi Mike,

I think adding a secondary list of Github/manual builds to the launcher - one which includes a disclaimer that those versions are NOT updated via the launcher - would be the best solution. Including an Add button for users to add their own build directories would be perfect.


Yes that seems like a good idea. Or maybe a launcher only for source builders?

Actually it turns out that the latest launcher is already able to launch your GitHub based builds. When you right click on your .uproject file and use “Change Unreal Engine Version…”, you can save inside your .uproject file which version of the engine on your computer you want to open that project with. The launcher will respect that option, as long as it can find a compiled version of your source-built engine. We will work on expanding on this functionality in the future to make things more clear.


Is this launcher available? If so, where can i download it? From Github?

This is the version of the Launcher that you should already have installed.

I just built a custom version of UE4 for the Substance Plugin. It would be really nice to allow users to add new entries to the launcher versus having to go to each “uproject” file, switching the Unreal Engine Version and then picking it from the Library.

I fully recognize that by doing this I am responsible for updating my version of UE4 from Source as Epic and Substance provide updates.