Unreal Engine Lack of Speech To Text

Windows Speech SDK integration is missing from UE and Unity has this implementation. I was suggested to email this address after asking on the youtube channel live stream for 4.27 update.

The problem any UE developer will have is no windows voice recognition where any developer who chose Unity has a huge advantage like Ghost Hunters Corp and Phasmopohiba who are very successful because Unity made it so easy to implement windows voice recognition. They just import UnityEngine.Windows.Speech and access Microsoft libraries so easily and that is so powerful. It is 2021, how can a great engine like Unreal Engine not have this when Unity does.

Please give me an idea of what Unreal Engine is doing for this as I am not the only person who wants voice recognition, a lot of people ask but never get a real answer or plans from unreal engine. Or can we start a community effort to get this integrated I know a lot of developers who want this.