Unreal engine keeps crashing at 18%

I just got unreal engine and it keeps crashing when I try to open it. Just got it, confused, plz help.

Could try to copy the project in its folder then paste it somewhere else and try open it like that?

What’s your configuration? CPU, GPU, RAM, OS?

I haven’t even been able to get in. Just got it and It keeps crashing at 18%.

I have the newest macbook pro 13 inch 2020 1tb ssd 16gb ram mac os

So you’re running Intel Iris Pro, right - an unsupported, integrated bit of silicon built into the i5 rather than a dedicated video card?

Do correct me if I’m wrong - can’t recall what the newest macbook pro 13 packs these days.

Not saying it’s the reason, but it’d be the first things I’d blame here.

2.0GHz quad‑core 10th‑generation Intel Core i5, Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz, with 6MB shared L3 cache is what I have, not too sure what that means

Yes it does run that actually just looked it up, what does that mean?

Hello? Sorry dont mean to be pushy, just got it and am really excited to use it, thats all

You need a dedicated video card to run the engine. While it’s possible to run it on an integrated chip (tiny bit of silicon built into the processor) - it’s very tricky, sluggish and prone to crashing - as you’ve observed.

And if you managed to run the engine, you will not be able to achieve much. You can work with it and learn stuff, but anything asset-heavy will melt that cpu little by little and the integrated GPU will not be able to push any kind of workable framerate - especially at retina resolutions…

You’re not supposed run the engine on a laptop unless it’s a powerful gaming machine geared towards that kind of workload.

Ensure you have up to date drivers. That’s all there can be done. There’s no magic solution here. It’s a power hungry, cutting edge application.