Unreal Engine is officially the game engine driving a visual story line..

~ A bit about my creative spirit ~

In my soul… my spirit… my mind… is an entire realm far away from the chaos and hatred of the foolish ones. Truly, humanity is turning hateful and dreadful, even in my lifetime. To me, there has to be an escape from the assholes of this world. Some call this, “finding ones happy place.” Art is a peaceful temple, with music as the incense within, for fables await their birthing.

I meet magical characters seeking happiness, freedom, love, and mystery. My dreams and visions paint shadow lines of their cascading silhouettes upon the mystical soils of imagination. Their mystery, is written within math formulas. Functions majestically standing upon the foundation stones of Algebra, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III, Differential Equations, Physics I, Physics II.

Accomplishing an AA Pre-Engineering degree with dreams of finishing a BS in Computer Engineering and BS in Electrical Engineering… well… life hit me hard… Financially, my dreams crashed. Yet, math is still bouncing around in my head like an ever present vacuum of despair I can’t let even the smallest of knowledge go to waste. This is only the tip of the iceberg for math has a voice. Math can be used as a language to define and explain just about anything in life.

Math is a beautiful language.

I’m creating a novel, driven in part by my imagination in using math in ways that some may say, “This is not what math was intended for.” Yet, is not math a language? Therefore, let it have its freedom to speak.

This mixture of math, imagination, chance, vision, coding… yes visual scripting is like a golden chalice full of wonderful wine.

This movement of dreams, the colors, the timing, the momentum is not to set static as a mere glimpse into a tiny fragment of time.

Math dancing in animation, shall bring these magical characters to life.

Unreal Engine shall be the tool adding momentum and movement to the art and music I envision.

It started awhile back, so I’ve blogged a bit of my ideas, infant in their birth.


~ Snow Luminos ™ ~