Unreal Engine is not Open Source

Please can everyone understand that Unreal Engine is NOT OPEN SOURCE … please can EPIC inform the moderators of this.

Do not fall in to this trap … check the FAQ and EULA before you think this is Open Source.

Oo Of course it’s not. Access to source does not make it open source

Wait, Which mod said it was open source?


Open Source Initiative have appropriate the word “open source” for them. crazy word!

Yes indeed. I’m very very sorry about that one. The sourcecode is open. That’s what I mean.

It certainly won’t happen again and I edited the post.

Sorry again! I’m just so used to the term ._. stupid trap to fall in.

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Don’t worry - We all make mistakes :>

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I can’t… that’s just too… :smiley:

Man I had a great laugh!

LOL … all good … 8-}

You guys still do:

That thread leads to the assumption third party middleware wouldn’t be there because UE4 were open source :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think this is worth a thread, its absolutely irrelevant whether UE4 is open source or not since it’s source is open :wink:

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Yep, just to clarify, it is not technically “open source” it’s just a very very easily available source code. Yes, there is a difference, but it won’t really affect much.

Closer to being open licensed than open source as fair access is granted but Epic maintains full rights as to means of distribution.

FBX falls under the same category as Autodesk allows the use and distribution of the API in any application who wishes to use it with little or no restrictions which can included competitors.

Seems to me though as far as licensing goes if you make money off your game you send Epic a 5% tip. :wink:

I disagree … it actually does warrant a thread as already on other forums people are stating that Unreal Engine is Open Source and what they plan on doing with it. The reason why I started the thread was based on a conversation in another thread where a forum member was adamant that there is no difference to what Unreal Engine is offering an Open Source.

As an Open Source enthusiast, I felt that I needed to clearly point out that Unreal Engine is not Open Source and now that we have an official response from Alexander Paschall … there can no longer be any ambiguity in the matter.

Thank you to everyone. 8-}

The thread was very warranted, otherwise legal would be working overtime in the near future.

Er, Moderators You really should not be calling each other out, in open on the forum, (that’s what PM’s are for) It undermines your professionalism.

The subject matter may or may not be worthy of a thread, but that’s irrelevant, you should avail yourselves of internal communication when discussing the posts other Moderators have made, if you disagree with them.

…just saying :rolleyes:

qdelpeche wasn’t a moderator when posting this :wink:

qdelpeche became a mod yesterday after this thread started (very deserving btw) :wink:

And this is a very legitimate topic. The mistake is made so quickly and if especially less experienced people start using this term for UE4 and other people who get it the way it’s meant start doing stuff or talking about it even more this could become a real issue!

Did you see the Github video on Epic Games? Ray David (accidently?) calls it open source :stuck_out_tongue: