Unreal Engine is glitching

When i switch to nvidia graphics only in my advanced optimus settings, this glitch is happening but if iam in intel graphics then no issue with. its happening from the ue5 release . i have updated graphic drivers also but noting fixed. I have uploaded the video below please check it and help me. Thank you.

My specs
Alienware x17 R1
32gb ram
rtx 3080 mobile gpu

Hello @AbhinavChemikala,

This is a common issue with Nvidia laptop GPUs.

I’ve seen it fixed by changing Project Settings → Default RHI from ‘DirectX 12’ to ‘DirectX 11’

But please know that certain features (Like Nanite) do not work with DX11.


If you end up installing 5.1 Preview and you are still seeing this problem please let me know. (There is a small window of time during preview before 5.1.0 full release for major bugs to be fixed)


Thanks for your reply.

  1. Switching from dx12 to dx11 fixed the issue
  2. UE 5.1 in dx12 mode has the issue and it’s not fixed in preview 2 also.

But one big drawback for me is my projects are using nanite. So I cannot really switch to dx11. Is there any alternative solution for this?


Thanks for checking in 5.1,

I’ve submitted a bug report, I’ll let you know if I get any extra info or solutions for this.


Much appreciated! Thanks.

I’m having this same issue, guess I’ll have to wait to try nanite out.

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The only work around if you want to keep using dx12 is to attach another monitor. that way it forces your laptop to use the nvidia graphics. we’ll have to wait and see for an update to just use your laptop screen, but until then attaching another screen fixes the issue.

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