Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost

My computer configuration is:
CPU:Inter(R) Core i5-5200U
Graphics:AMD R9 M375
When I create a C ++ empty project, unreal crashes and displays the Windows debugging window. If it was successfully created, the unreal crashes (as shown in the figure) while running the project. I also found a similar problem in the community, but my log is Error INTERNAL_ERROR, I do not know how to deal with, please help me to find solution ways

It’s pretty common. Few things to try:

  • Update your graphic card drivers (you may want to do a clean uninstall with DDU first)
  • Turn off CPU/GPU overclocking
  • Turn off Real Time thumbnails. In the Content Browser, select “View Options” at the bottom right and turn off “Real-Time Thumbnails”
  • Check that you don’t have conflicts with other application tweaking/boosting DirectX. NVidia’s live game recording should also be turned off (NVidia Share aka Shadowplay)

Thanks for your help, I have done the solution way of yours, it seems like that buleprint projects can work smoothly, but C++ project is still crashes, I debug this project by VS

, the result is as the img showing, “HAVEN`T LOAD UE4Editor-D3D.pdb”

Did you install all debug symbols? In the Epic Launcher, click to the the downward arrow close to the engine version (orange button). Select Options and then check Editor Symbols for Debugging. Apply and wait for it to complete the install. Then try again with the debugging.