Unreal Engine is dying or something?

Every time I open my project in UE4, it works properly. All the lights and texture look fine stuff and they all load. But when I open a test of the game, the lights go all wacky. Later the entire application starts screwing up and the frame rate drops significantly while the colours sort of burst around the screen. This isn’t just the game, mind you, this is the entire screen. I suspect my computer is too weak to handle the game, but I don’t know if there’s a way I can some how lessen the strain on the system.

Please for the love of god someone help me

Hello Totoross

Can you send a screenshot when its happening so we can investigate the problem? And can you write your system specs. for we can check?



I have no way of showing the glitches the program goes through, as every time it happens the whole system temporarily freezes. This is the only program that causes these problems though.

The whole screen flashes white or inverts colours. Previously the program was flashing pink and blue colours though that seems to have given way to lag and inverted colours. Perhaps it’s a problem with my graphics card? I’m using school computers and we are experiencing the same problems on all of them.