Unreal Engine integrating in a GUI framework


so we are developing a virtual reality framework for engineering applications. As of now, we are running OpenSG and Bullet inside of it for the graphics and physics. We are thinking about integrating a high end engine to allow better performance and better visuals; just in general allow users to choose their own libraries for these purposes, since their hardware specs may vary. We want to abstract our visualization and physics, and allow for custom integration of various different libs.

We have our UI written with Gtk+ and now the question is, if anyone knows how we would go about integrating unreal as a GtkWidget or such in our 3D viewport without the use of the editor (pretty much just from the source code)?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


Has anyone done this type of thing?

We are considering embedding Unreal inside a Qt Widgets / Quick application.

Again, any help would be appreciated.

us too,Have you found any way to do that?