Unreal Engine Installed Build missing "libfbxsdk.dll"

Hey folks,

I am trying to set up an installed binary build from source so it includes the “Server” build and I can distribute it in house.
I build by using the UAT in combination with the BuildEditorAndTools.xml file from the BuildGraph Examples.
Here is the commandline I use:

./RunUAT.bat BuildGraph -script=“Engine/Build/Graph/Examples/BuildEditorAndTools.xml” -Target=“Copy To Staging Directory” -set:GameTargets=“UE4Client;UE4Server” -set:OutputDir="D:\LocalBuild" -set:TargetPlatforms=“Win64”

The build is successful, but the resulting Binaries (UE4Editor.exe) won’t start, because its “missing libfbxsdk.dll”. The file is not present in the “Binaries” folder of the installed build, but it is in the original repository. After copying it over (which should not be necessary), I get the following error:


Through google I found UE-53599 which current status is “Wont Fix”. Did I miss something? What can I do to get my build to run?