Unreal Engine Installation

Hi there,
I am unable to install or find where to install the unreal engine, the launcher seems to be working fine.
Do I need to be subscribed somewhere, I saw that on some other posts…
Also each time I log into the launcher, my first attempt shows no internet access, while second attempt works fine.
Will the engine run on a laptop? Core i7, Windows 8.1, 8gbRam, intel 4600 graphics card.
The option to download extra packages is available but no engine installed.
I cant see an option to add an engine other than the dropdown arrow showing unreal 4.7, which is greyed out.
Any help and advice would be great.

Hey ,

Here is a great [forum post][1] for you to learn how to install the Engine. Simply open up the Epic Games Launcher, click on the ‘Library’ tab and then click on ‘add versions’ that’s towards the top. You can then select which version of the Engine you wish to install. The latest version that’s out is: 4.8.0 Preview 2

Let us know if you have any further questions, thanks!

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Hi I’m having a doubt regarding installation. Previously I was using the unreal engine 4.9 source code. Two days back I’ve formatted my PC and every software I’ve installed is gone. After formatting I’ve installed perforce and I got the 4.9 source code and my current working project from the server. The problem is in my project .uproject file I cannot able to generate visual studio files because I didnt install the unreal engine by launcher. Do I need to install the engine by the launcher and to use the source code or the source code itself is enough please help me regarding installation.


Hey Game Programmer,

I see that TJ is already assisting you on this [thread][1], please update that thread for additional assistance.


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