Unreal engine ini file graphics configuration options

I wanted to change some graphics settings but i am running into limitations and here is what iv tried so far and what failed.

Some of the settings here worked in the consoles of ark but others did not.

Things that did not work and i am trying to change is:


Tried setting a negative bias like this

r.Streaming.MipBias -3

But to no effect as i am trying to solve my issue with flat water beyond around 30 meters at ground level and maybe 150 when flying

And then iv also tried to enable high resolution shadows using this:

r.Shadow.MaxResolution 4096

But it seems it ignores my setting and will not go higher than 1024

And the things that worked perfectly was:

r.ViewDistanceScale 10.0


r.ScreenPercentage 200.0

Unplayable on my weak radeon 280x yes but it looked absolutely amazing :slight_smile:

Things i do not know how to access are the view distance of player built structures, does anyone know if i can access this in any of the configuration files or console commands?

Another question regarding shadows is how hard is it to enable shadows for ingame light sources such as torches, fires and lamps?

Setting shadow fading distance is also something i want to be able to do.

Iv used these references but it still will not work for me.