Unreal engine hard drive space

hey guys i have made a simple game with blueprints. one character that can shoot bullet, 2 types of buildings that i use to create 5 copies each and roads, neither the building or the roads are more than 3 mb yet the size of the Game files in unreal engine is already 335 mb.

Hi mainan,

When packaging your game make sure that you set only the maps to package that will be used for your game. This will only package the assets that are in those maps, rather than packaging your entire project. You can also, adjust some of the other settings in the Project Settings > Packaging

You can also use the option to compress the cooked package which can sometimes reduce the size marginally or more so depending on the project.

In the very near future we’ll be releasing the Match 3 mobile game as a learning examples for Mobile Development. There will also be a lot of new documentation to help you manage your file size when packaged by removing things that are not needed to reduce package size.

I don’t have a specific release date for that yet, but keep a look out for that soon. You can check the Learn tab in the Epic Games Launcher for any updates.


Just realized you weren’t asking specifically about Mobile, so you can disregard the mobile information. The first part should still help though.